Distracted Driving is a Serious Threat to North Carolina Drivers

Residents of North Carolina are threatened every day by distracted drivers on the road, specifically due to the advancement of cellular technology. Mobile devices offer more Apps and features than ever before. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Distaction.gov website, glancing at your phone for just a few seconds while driving 55 mph is equivalent to driving the length of a football field while being blindfolded.

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, 2014 statistics show the following:

• 49,257 North Carolina crashes involved distracted drivers
• 26,680 injuries were caused by distracted motorists in NC
• 150 fatalities in NC resulted from distracted driving accidents
• 21.7% of NC motor vehicle accidents were a result of distracted driving
• 24.1% of NC accidents resulting in injury are from distracted drivers
• 11.7% of NC motor vehicle accident deaths are from distracted drivers

While the use of a cell phone and texting are common causes of distracted driving accidents, here are other examples of distracted driving:

• Eating and drinking at the wheel
• Talking to passengers and turning your head
• Grooming, like applying lipstick or combing your hair
• Reading, including maps while driving
• Using a navigation system while driving (most nav systems will not let you use them while driving)
• Watching a video
• Changing the radio station, CD or MP3 player

Any time a driver takes their eyes off the road and their hands off the wheel, this can cause a serious accident.

The laws pertaining to distracted driving in North Carolina are not strong enough in our opinion,  and do not apply the same restrictions to all drivers. The current laws restrict teenage drivers, between the ages of 16-18 and bus drivers only. These stricter laws should apply to everyone. There are too many senseless accidents involving distracted driving, and the laws need to catch up to this epidemic.

North Carolina Laws on Distracted Driving:

It is illegal for drivers under the age of 18 to use a mobile device while driving, except  in emergencies or to call their parents.

• School bus drivers are not allowed to use mobile devices for any non-emergency reason while driving.
• It is illegal for adult drivers to text or email while the car is in motion.
• Adults are legally permitted speak on their mobile devices while driving.

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