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Have you been injured at work? Did you suffer an accident while on the job? If so, you may be entitled to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits. Employees are typically eligible to receive “Workers’ Comp” for total disability equal to two-thirds or 66% of their gross average weekly pay if they suffer an injury that “arises out of and in the course and scope of their employment”. The injury must occur while the employee is carrying out activities for the benefit of their employer. In addition, the injury must be an “accident” or be the result of a “specific traumatic incident”.

Workers’ compensation claims as a result of workplace injuries involve a complicated and frustrating process. At Daggett Shuler in Walnut Cove, our attorneys work closely with you to guide you through all the steps of your work related injury case as we vigorously pursue your worker’s compensation benefits.

Every Workers’ Compensation claim is different, every injury is different, and every employee is different. Don’t speak with anyone except your lawyer, doctors, and other medical care providers regarding your claim.

If you have a Workers’ Compensation claim or have questions about your rights, Daggett Shuler is here to help you. We will be happy to answer your questions. Schedule a Free Case Evaluation. You will only pay an attorney fee if we help you receive benefits or a settlement and the Industrial Commission approves the attorney fee.

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“Everyone was polite, sincere and really cared about me, my problem and helping me. The attorneys and staff at Daggett Shuler were the nicest people I’ve ever dealt with. They are experienced, professional and really care about people.”
-David J., Walnut Cove, NC

“Daggett Shuler law firm has treated me with great respect and looked into all areas of helping me with my case.”
-Michael B., N. Walnut Cove, NC

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Walnut Cove is a town located in Stokes County, North Carolina. According to 2010 census figures, Walnut Cove has a population of around 1,425 residents, and a total land area of 2.4 square miles. Each year, Walnut Cove hosts the annual Walnut Festival which attracts many area walnut lovers. Walnut Cove is also home to South Stokes High School, whose mascot honors the Native American Saura tribe who were the areas original inhabitants.

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